Trick Flow 190 11R Heads Ford Windsor

I currently have a set of Trick Flow 170 Fast as Cast heads which have served be VERY well.

With the TFS 170’s, the 306 in my 1969 Mustang put down 345.5 HP and 311 ft/lbs of torque to the tires. I’m stoked that I got these numbers, especially because we didn’t wind up the motor as high as it could go. The cam makes power to 6600 RPM, we ended the run at 6300. The springs in the 170’s are a little soft for the cam I’m running so I’d rather not break anything by going over the top.

I’ve ordered a set of cnc’d Trick Flow 190 11R cylinder heads and I’m excited to see what kind of numbers I’ll be making now. These new heads will really take advantage of my cam/headers as they flow VERY well.

Here are some flow numbers:…515601-c01.pdf

I’ve since upgraded to a 9 inch so I’m expecting there to be some more parasitic power loss the next time I dyno the car. I’ve also gone from 1 5/8″ long tubes to 1 3/4″ JBA stainless headers, so we’ll see what happens.


1969 302 bored .030 over
KB311 pistons
Lunati Voodoo cam .571/.587 lift 231/239 duration @.050 110 LSA
Edelbrock perfomer RPM intake (Might port this)
QF 650 dp carburetor
Eagle rods
Stock crank
MSD ready to run dizzy

Toploader 4 speed
9 inch rear end with 3.70/posi

First and foremost, these heads are a work of art!


They come with 2.055 intake and 1.66 exhaust valves, new guideplates/studs and come fully CNC ported. We ordered a new Edelbrock Performer RPM intake to top things off as well.



Clayed the pistons, there’s tons of room. I had some checker springs installed and whipped out my trusty digital calipers to measure. Plenty of radial and depth clearance.



Using Felpro gaskets instead of the ridiculously expensive Cometic ones. Compressed thickness is .041. Compression ratio is right around 10.1:1 with the 56cc combustion chambers.



The intake was delivered around 7 PM last night and I got right to work, finished everything up around 9:30 and took it for a spin. I opted to install a new thermal switch for my electric fans so they’ll kick on a little later, they’re currently coming on too early and running all the time.



I also discovered that my original thermostat wasn’t fully opening, it took 210 degrees just for it to start opening!. New thermostat opens right up at 180 degrees. No longer running warm, temperature stays right at 180.

The finished product is a thing of beauty.

First impressions after taking her for a spin? Holy ****! I didn’t think I could wake up this 306 anymore without throwing boost at it, I was very wrong. The 11R 190’s absolutely scream at top end. Traction in first and second gear is very optional once we’re in the powerband.

One thing I noticed is that the car runs MUCH smoother at idle now, my guess is that the extra flow from the heads is better matched for my cam. Although this isn’t a true A/B test, it will be interesting to see the dyno results.