Tuesday Nights At the Plaza 8/25/15

We dropped by the weekly meet at the Kohl’s on Blossom Hill and Santa Theresa to check out some sweet rides! This meet happens every Tuesday going from May to September. We arrived around 5:00 PM and found it already packed with plenty of cool classics and great music. Cars were constantly rolling in and the lot filled up very fast, we were quite excited to look at all the new arrivals.

Although it’s a weekly meet, there’s always something unique and different that wasn’t there the week prior. As word spreads, more people begin attending the event which in turn provides us with even more eye candy. Granted, getting that primo parking spot gets more difficult, but who could complain when you have cars like this pristine Z28 showing up?

The show runs from 4:00-8:00, it’s best to get there early at the rate it’s been expanding!


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