The Duke Boys?!

June 2, 2015 Armon 0

Well, it’s not moonshine, but are the Duke boys at it again? Good thing the Dodge Charger is the quintessential getaway car! Caption this!

AWD Chevelle?!

May 28, 2015 Armon 0

Now this is just cool! This epic Chevelle has all wheel drive and a seriously violent launch.      

Nothing to See Here?

May 17, 2015 Armon 0

It’s always an odd day when you go for a drive and see a totally stripped down ’70s Camaro or Firebird sitting on the curb. In […]

Craigslist Find of The Day

May 16, 2015 Armon 0

If you’re in the market for a Pontiac Firebird, we’ve got just what you’re looking for! Just kidding, what would possess someone to do this? […]

We Exist

April 29, 2015 Armon 0

Official launch of the Save Classic Cars website. We’ll be bringing event coverage from Northern California and eventually expand further once we get more editors. None […]