Jack Ass: 1969 Mustang Edition

The body shop was planning on having my entire car media blasted as we knew there was a lot hiding under the paint. The media blasting shop was a few miles away in a different part of town, no big deal right?

Turns out that shop is in a commercial area with A LOT of big trucks and a lot of not so attentive drivers. The body shop owner gave me a call that no classic car owner ever wants to get. Turns out, one of those trucks backed into my car and nearly pancaked the thing.

I waited until my blood pressure was at a safe level before heading over to inspect what was left of my car. After realizing that I should invest in some yoga or a stress ball, we made a game plan and began ordering parts to get my heap of a ’69 mustang back in one piece.

The media blasting shop paid for all damage, but this hiccup prolonged the painting process significantly. Lucky for me, this was a blessing in disguise as there was a lot of hidden rust damage under the paint.

We ended up ordering new door skins as someone had sculpted the door out of filler. The media blasting shop actually stopped halfway through this door because there was so much filler!

 The replacement hood I had found is usable, but will also take a lot of work to get straight.

The original passenger fender off of my car was actually in near perfect condition with the exception of the dent caused by the car that merged into me.

We’ll keep everyone updated as the the car progresses.