Common Sense: Driving In The rain

Winter is among us, which means for Californians: rain. Now, everyone on the East Coast is currently laughing uncontrollably because they deal with much more severe weather than we do.

OKAY we get it, we’re spoiled over here. (I like surfing more than snowboarding, anyways)

All is not always well in the land of avocados and rust free classics, as some of us need a wake up call when it comes to wet weather driving. Here are five tips that don’t just pertain to old cars, but ALL cars

1. Tires

Before even moving an inch in the rain, how are your tires? Do they have tread? How OLD are they? Are you still running your summer or track tires? Most accidents can be prevented by simply making sure that you have the correct tires for the rain. I personally love my 200 tread wear Nitto tires during the summer, as they grip like no other. However, they are absolute GARBAGE when it comes to driving in the rain. Tire manufacturers specifically state that summer tires are not meant to be used during heavy rainfall. Swap on a set of all season or even winter tires, you’ll be glad you did!


2. Wipers

Okay, you’ve got a grip when it comes to tires (no pun intended). How are your wipers? Yes, they need to be changed just like your tires too. Rubber has a shelf life! Continual use, UV exposure, and changes in weather all contribute to wear and tear on your wipers. Changing wipers literally takes 10 minutes to do and is a lot cheaper than replacing body panels, FYI.

3. Slow down

Probably the most important one here: SLOW DOWN. Just because the posted speed limit is 65, doesn’t mean you need to be driving at 65! No, this is also not an invitation to go faster. Use your common sense, keep a few extra car lengths in front of you and slow it down. Hard braking in the rain is asking for trouble, especially if you’ve neglected to take care of the aforementioned items.

4. Get off your phone

This one is a given, but here’s a friendly reminder. It’s illegal, dangerous, and your car has horrible selfie lighting. (someone had to say it)

5. Plan ahead

Don’t be in a rush. Need to be somewhere? Give yourself plenty of time to get ready, drive there, and also a little time to account for those who haven’t read this article. The last thing anyone needs is someone weaving through traffic because they’re late to their calming yoga session and meditation. Remember, it’s nice to be punctual- arriving early (and safe) is great! Your level of stress decreases when you give yourself extra time; you might even realize that you need need these “calming” yoga sessions anymore.