*Insert Expletive* OUCH!

You might be wondering about our little hiatus and what we’ve been up to. Unfortunately, due to a careless VW Passat station wagon driver and a little bad luck, we end up with situations such as this. Take a good look, that’s what a 1969 Mustang looks like after it plows into a concrete median at 50 mph. I don’t have a scratch on me, although my back is rather unhappy (as am I).

I was minding my own business in the far left lane of the freeway when the other driver merged into my passenger fender, spinning me into the median. To make matters worse, the fine example of a human being who caused this decided to flee the scene. Classy move, my friend (CHP frowns upon you, FYI). Lucky for me, this whole debacle could have been much worse as there are plenty of Final Destination style  scenarios that could have unfolded.

Most of the damage is superficial: fender, trim, bumper, etc. However, the inner apron is trashed, the core support bent, and the frame rail is slightly tweaked.

Yes, she will be fixed- we’ve got BIG plans.


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