1961 Falcon: The Rolling Marshmallow

We’re constantly looking to expand the Save Classic Cars family. When this 1961 Ford Falcon popped up on Craigslist, I knew we’d found a winner. If you’ve been following our builds, you’ll notice┬áthat this is actually our second Falcon. Notice a trend? Here’s a hint: it’s not because I have a weird obsession with Falcons. (Slightly debatable)

It’s actually because of my weird obsession with finding the crustiest most neglected classic cars I can get my hands on. This bulbous excuse for a car fit the bill as it has a little bit of everything. The last registration sticker is from 1998, but from what we know she’s been off the road much longer. This Falcon actually has some cool history attached to her as she used to be a delivery car for a local pharmacy back in the 60’s. To top things off, she was sold new just a few miles from my house.

There’s also some seriously questionable modifications, repairs, and “upgrades” (You’ll find out soon enough). We’ll dig into details in another segment!

If you know much about Falcons or classic Fords, you’ll be able to spot the quirks fairly quickly.



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