Hurst Shifter Reverse Light Switch Installation

If you’ve installed a Hurst shifter on your manual transmission car, odds are that your original reverse lights won’t work. In order to have functional reverse lights, you will need the Hurst Reverse Light Switch kit.

Installation is simple and should only take a few minutes. In the case of our ’69 mustang, we decided to make a new reverse light harness since ours was rather chewed up.



Installation begins by locating the factory reverse light plug. There are 2 sets of wires on here: one is the bypass for the neutral safety switch, the other is for the reverse lights.


Two new wires areĀ soldered on then covered in shrink wrap to prevent the possibility of a short.



The harness was then covered in shrink tubing to keep the wires from becoming tangled.

The reverse light switch comes packed nicely with easy to read instructions.


The switch is mounted to the shift stop that comes on the Hurst Shifter. We’re running a Hurst Competition shifter mated to our toploader 4 speed transmission. The shift stop bolt is backed out completely then the bracket for the reverse light switch is sandwiched in between. Our wires from the reverse light harness are then routed to the switch and screwed in with the supplied clamps. We choose to crimp on some eyelets to make this job a little easier for us. The switch should be position directly behind the reverse key on the shifter. When the transmission is put in reverse, the key should press against the switch and activate the reverse lights.




(If you’re curious, the license plate frame says, “My Other Classic Is Your Mom”)